Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bad blogger

Just realized I've not actually mentioned a lovely visit I had to Waterstone's Bishop's Stortford...It was on the same night that Nick Griffin was on Question time and I'm happy to report that I had an easier time than he did. A really good discussion with local book groups, very interesting questions and we echoed Question Time to a certain extent with a foray into the issue of immigration (with reference to the Jewish strand of banking and moneylending in Madonna of the Almonds) Thanks very much to Valda and her colleagues who sent me away with a bottle of wine and a copy of Ghostwalk, both of which which I'm currently devouring.


Anonymous said...

I am currently reading The Glassblower of Murano ( and loving it) - what a treat to discover there are two more books by you.

Marie Burton said...

Hi Marina~
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Anonymous said...

一起加油吧 ..................................................