Tuesday, 22 May 2012

ebooks or real books?

I'm becoming aware that I treat my electronic books and my paper books differently. I don't usually have one more than one book 'on the go' at a time (perhaps this pluralism is also a consequence of new technology?) but for some reason I'm happy to dip in and out of the ebooks in my iPad library with a casual carelessness I would never apply to my real books. For instance at the moment I am part of the way through Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth on my iPad, but the only book that is really getting a thorough reading by me at the moment is my physical 'bedside table' book, Maia by Richard Adams. Granted, Maia is one of my favourite books of all time (a partiality possibly being fuelled by my current obsession for Game of Thrones, which it in many ways resembles) but there's something about the weight of that book, and the turning of those physical pages, which draws me. Perhaps it's because an actual book sits there reproaching you, while an ebook is tucked away in the digital heart of a device (phone, iPad) which can often be used for many other functions. Out of sight, out of mind perhaps? Or perhaps it is the fact that, despite all our new technologies, theres nothing like reading a 'real' book. Either way, I will, one day,find out what happens at the end of Pillars of the Earth. I hope they manage to build that bloody cathedral. But perhaps I'll have to buy the book to find out...

Monday, 14 May 2012

London Eye

Went on the London Eye with the family yesterday - the sun was actually shining for once and it was great to see London spread out below us. I don't know if it's the Jubilee or the Olympics but I'm feeling very proud of London this year. It looks even better from 100 feet up with a glass of champagne in your hand!