Saturday, 14 March 2009

Floris and the Capital Club

Thursday was a big day - in the morning I returned to Floris to sign off on the final scent for Madonna of the Almonds and I loved it at once - Shelagh had done a terrific job and created something which really encapsulated the book; something sweet and bitter, capturing all the scents of the text. I put it on straightaway and it smelled great, almonds and lemons very much to the fore to begin with, and behind that the incense and bergamot. Later in the day I got a breakdown from Floris of the ingredients which was fascinating.

I'm sure my new perfume gave me courage for the evening - my first ever talk about Madonna of the Almonds, at London's Capital club. Luckily I was not on my own but was speaking with three other authors from Beautiful Books - my speech was fairly low-brow and I began by reading from the very Amaretto box which gave me the idea for the book - credit where it is due! Public speaking will never be my forte and unfortunately it never gets any easier - but that's it til May I think.