Friday, 19 March 2010

MS handed in! And RNA lunch

OK OK this is really more of a diary than a blog as I don't really keep it up too well! But my excuse is that I'm genuinely busy writing the books so the blogs get neglected! 2 HUGE weights off my shoulders in the last week. One, I handed in my copyedited manuscript for Botticelli now there's just the cover and blurb to finalize before it comes out on May 6th. There are also some very exciting PR plans to promote the book, more of which when they're confirmed. Second thing: I sent three chapters of my new novel to my agent and luckily she loves them, so I can crack on with it with impunity rather than putting it in the bin!

Had a great and rare publishing jolly on Tuesday at the RNA lunch in Kensington this week - sat with a great bunch of gals from my agent's stable and had a lovely time - the champers was flowing! Congratulations to all the nominees/winners especially great family friend Helene Wiggin (Leah Fleming) and thanks to my lovely neighbour Lisa Jewell for letting me cadge a lift in her cab.