Thursday, 28 May 2009

Notes from a whirlwind tour!

I'm busily touring the country to launch The Madonna of the Almonds, and it's been really terrific so far...(though exhausting) I must say I've been so impressed by how many enthusiastic and intelligent readers there are out there and also how many dedicated, bookloving booksellers who run tiny bookshops covering huge areas of the countryside with wonderful bookgroups and personal recommendations and events. Also it's amazing and heartening how many organisers of literary festivals give their time for nothing. It's been a real pleasure to meet readers and sellers alike; each time I give a talk I've had so many interesting questions about the books and some very lively discussions so although I'm pretty exhausted It's been a great experience and I've met with kindness everywhere. So thanks (so far) to Sara at the Lincoln Book festival, Mark at Mostly Books in Abingdon for a wonderful Italian evening. Thanks to Sara at Simply Books, who arranged a beautiful Amaretto themed dinner in Pocklington church, right down to tiny golden bags of sugared almonds! Thank you Sandy at Kingston Book festival who gives so much of her time to organising the festival, and the wonderful staff at Borders there. And last but not least, to Nash and Cate at the wonderful Much Ado Books in Alfriston, who kindly invited me to their supper club, where I had a wonderful meal (complete with handmade almond bookmarks!) and a very interesting discussion, not just about Madonna but many many other books as well. As I said, I'm having a great time so far...more next week!


Sunny said...

Dear Marina was so lovely to meet you at Pocklington church... The pics are great... Would love to send you some if I can have your address... If not no worries hope you got back ok from North Howden...
Blessings Freydis (Sunny)

Clothears said...

Murano - what a splendid read while on holiday in Italy - thank you.
Now for the 'piccy' bit - page 340 (paper back edn), last sentence - two right hands don't match up finger tip to finger tip! Who cares, it's a super book anyway.