Monday, 9 June 2008

Tour and launch

Hello! Sorry for the month-long radio silence (shocking really) but I've been on my whistle-stop tour of the country from as far north as Newcastle to as far south as Jersey. I must say it's been a fantastic experience - lovely venues where I did a talk for about 20 minutes (terrifying) and then a chance to meet the audience which was actually the best bit...everyone was so lovely and lots of people had been to Venice or were wearing Murano glass. It was great to meet the people who had bought the book, as this is something that writers don't usually get to do (My signature has gone very sloppy from all the signings) So if you came along - thank you!

Last week was all very posh as it was the book's launch at the Lalique store in Bond Street where the cover had been recreated in the store window (thank you Frederick from Lalique!) I had some moral support in the shape of friends and family, and was bolstered up on a great deal of champagne and some very fancy canapes.

Now it's just a matter of watching those sales and this week has been vey encouraging - number 27 in WH Smith's chart, number 25 in Hughes and Hughes, 11 in Books Etc., number 9 in the Heatseeker's chart in The Bookseller magazine, and best of all, number 1 in the small publisher's retail chart!! Yay!! Feeling very lucky...fingers crossed for the coming weeks...

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